Friday, February 29, 2008

Swap box to the rescue!

On the knitting front, my square for the Pratchettgan (link to photos on Flickr) is complete! I'm a member of the Terry Pratchett fan group on Ravelry, and we decided to knit Mr. P an afghan to keep him cozy while writing and to show our love and support after his recent early-onset Alzheimer's diagnosis. Here it is, straight from the pages of Night Watch:

I was feeling punk earlier this week; tired and low. Swap box to the rescue! I finished my Super Secret Swap Thing and will post pictures once I'm sure my swap partner, Sputnik, has received it. Hee hee. (More on the swap and again with the Terry Pratchett fan group on Ravelry: someone suggested a swap. For the noobs, that means you get assigned a total stranger based on your responses to a survey--ours was Pratchett-themed--and then you put together a box full of fun surprises and mail them to said stranger. I had a great time picking out stuff to send to Sputnik, and tying those things into Discworld was a good opportunity to let creative juices flow.)

I was working on Dad's Christmas socks, but totally f&*%ed them up and had to frog back to before all the increases. I think it's a sign. Dad irritated me this week with his less-than-enthusiastic response to my brother Mike's big news: he and girlfriend Maggie are moving in together in June! (I am so excited for them it's scary.) So maybe knitting something for him that requires patience, love, and teeny tiny needles is perhaps not the best idea right now...I'll wait for my irritation to pass then hop back on the Dad sock wagon. Instead I'm into Erin's Christmas armwarmers, which are black, rotating rib, Debbie Bliss Cashmerino and super soft. Plus aran weight. Much happier with that.

I have no plans this weekend, which is weird--I almost always have plans. I'm thinking I may need to raid the Crumpet Shop once again for a bottomless tea and scone with gooseberry preserves. It's a good place to knit, fun to people watch, and the cute Crumpet Shop guy recognizes the girls and me now when we come in. What more can I ask for? It might even be sunny, like it has been EVERY DAY for the last week and a half! Very non-Seattle weather...

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