Friday, February 29, 2008

Budget for February--blown

I know that I blew the budget this month. I just don't know by how much yet--that evaluation happens tonight over cold pizza and maybe even a beer. (They are leftover from a thing. My ulcer is back--oh joy!--and the beer may not be advisable. But it's sooooo tasty...) Moneywise I suspect I did pretty well, but not great. It all goes wrong for me due to the following:
  • I like eating out too much. Lean Cuisines don't always hack it for lunches, and sometimes a girl wants a 1,700 calorie burrito.
  • I finally broke down and paid for a lifetime Digital Blasphemy membership, because I love the artwork: very inspiring fantasy landscapes. I've been meaning to do it for five years, as I have mooched much free artwork from the site.
  • I also bought just enough purple DK weight bamboo-wool yarn to make the Bloody Stupid Johnson hat. I'm on a serious Pratchett kick right now and am rereading all the books.
  • The final kicker? Netflix started up again unexpectedly.
This means I'll spend the first two weeks of March knitting my hat, watching Torchwood, changing my desktop wallpaper, and eating condiments. Pepper jelly on Cheerios, anyone?

1 comment:

Jacki said...

Hey, Torchwood has actually been good this season! So at least if you blew your budget, there's always Captain Jack to make you feel better. :)