Friday, April 25, 2008

So close to summer...yet so far

Two months, no blogging. Fail. The truth is I've been spending gobs of time on Ravelry--looking at projects, posting to the Terry Pratchett board, udating stash photos. Yes, I am a knitting knerd.

As you can see, I discovered FAIL. New to FAIL? Visit and learn here:
The FAIL Blog
Shipment of Fail
the fail salon

Also found twitter. Which means I can now dump my random thoughts online at any time from anywhere, regardless of content value. Watch me spew!

Seasonally, we Seattleites are almost there: Summer. You can taste it in the air! See it in the light! Feel it in...the mud! And when the f%&k will it ever warm up and stop snowing around here, anyway?!? I am still knitting warm woolly things because I need the extra insulating layer in my lap. I am sick to death of my winter clothes. Just once I'd like to leave the house in jeans and a t-shirt, maybe even sandals.

My budget is destroyed and will be made anew starting next month. This happened for several reasons. I offer not excuses, but things that came up unexpectedly which should have been budgeted (and yet weren't), because I'm freakishly optimistic and delusional about real-life events.
  1. $387 to Uncle Sam. I actually don't mind this one at all, just wish it had been smaller.
  2. $700 to my therapist, at long last paying her off for listening to me whine in a professional manner. I liked her a lot, and as soon as the money situation is good again will definitely go back.
  3. Groceries. I keep thinking that if I buy groceries one time, in one big bunch, I'll never have to do it again. Like the food will keep forever and magically reappear once consumed--I actually do need to eat--and I will suddenly be free of this ongoing expense.
  4. Gas. Prices went up, more driving happened, suddenly my monthly fuel cost doubled.
I turn 30 in just under a month. I'm sure everything will be grand once I cross the threshold, but for now I don't even want to open the door. Why is it bothering me so much? I've never minded birthdays/the aging process before. Is it the increasingly gray hair? The general physical unwellness of the last two months? Where I am professionally? Personally? These are all the stupid little things life always holds for me. Not much has changed. (Maybe it's the lack of change? Who knows.)

What do I know is that I'll be glad when May 28 rolls around, as I'll be past the b-day and flying out to Austin to visit The Mom and Art for nine days--their birthday present to me. I am guaranteed warm weather and sunshine, good conversation, lots of shorts-wearing and margarita-drinking, and outstanding TexMex and BBQ. I do love visiting Texas.

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