Saturday, October 10, 2009

Friday, in short

  • Bus ride (saw ex-friend--weird--and knitting time)
  • Work (meh)
  • Burrito Payday (mmm...Chipotle)
  • Ravelry surfing (fingerless gloves are the new socks!)
  • Pattern queueing (Fetching--in progress, Accomplice, Driver, Box Pleats, Rusalka, Glaistig, Larus + Ardea, Endpaper Mitts, Winter Twilight Mitts, Dashing)
  • Christmas knitting plans (limited list--Mom, Art, Dad, Colleen, Mike, Maggie, Justin)
  • Virtual yarn shopping (the stash and Little Knits)
  • Plants vs. Zombies (level 5-3! Braaaaaaains)
  • Doggie hangouts
  • Sam to babysitters' (Sheldon and Amy, FTW!)
  • Trip to the movies (fail--passes no good until 2 weeks after the release)
  • Chocolate! (in lieu of film, at a restaurant with Mike and Maggie and Justin)
  • Knitting, beer, and hanging out (Sheldon and Amy and Tesla the puggle)
  • Prototype (watching, not playing)
  • Home for couch time with Cassie (the internets ate our evening)
  • Plants vs. Zombies (for the Mac! Level 3-4)
  • Sleepy times (technically on Saturday)

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