Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Letters from Jen: San Jose "International" Airport

Dear SJIA,

Thanks for the free WiFi. SeaTac could learn a thing or two from you in that area. But having to take a shuttle bus between terminals which are within easy walking distance (a city block?) of one another, then going through security a second time and having to chug yet another bottle of water at the last minute (because I already freakin' went through security), all while avoiding copious amounts of construction debris, is FAIL. This is the home airport for Silicon Valley for Chrissakes--get out of the ghetto. I can see that you are trying to grow up into a big & strong airport, so this is simply a reminder that you should keep working on those improvements. Good luck becoming a 20th century facility. I look forward to whoring you out for free WiFi on my way back from Austin next week.


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