Friday, November 06, 2009


I have a few (not many) socio-political issues that really, really rile me up--there are many that don't. I could give a crap about paying taxes--there will always be taxes. Don't really care about illegal aliens--enriching our culture or ruining our social services, stealing our jobs or contributing to the economy, arguments can be made either way and I just don't think it is a priority concern. Not passionate at all about states' rights vs. the Federal government. But universal women's rights are basic and IMPORTANT. Women are everywhere, every race and religion, and are treated across the board as less-than-men for no logical or justifiable reason. I read an article about a legal measure with unknown consequences for women's rights and unforeseeable applications against women in the state of Colorado, which may be enacted even though it is 2009 and we are living in the future! My bullshit-o-meter pinged up past the red line for this one. Also, WTF is up with the Personhood movement?!? The language used by this group is laughable. "Pre-born child"? I guess unborn is "too negative." Just like "pro-life" sounds so righteous, when they really could have gone with "anti-choice" or "Babies: worth more than women." Why is it so difficult to treat women as people rather than either sacred, untouchable goddess-like creatures or simple, hollow baby vessels? Why should a woman's life decisions, good or bad, be any more or less legally actionable than a man's? Why is a collection of cells/baby ranked above the woman/mother who carries it in terms of rights? South Carolina, you have FAIL.

What to do about this? I went to the NOW website. I Signed the Pledge, and maybe you will at least look at it too...?

My personal feelings on childbearing/rearing are a) I don't want a kid, but b) I'm happy for you to have one if you want one and I'll pay taxes to educate and care for your wee one and I'll smile at it on the bus and chat with it and admire its cuteness, however please don't bring it to an R-rated movie or sit-down restaurant late at night and don't try to tell me I should behave differently because there is a child present.

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