Monday, October 05, 2009

Things to do on a sunny October Sunday

  1. Wake up with dog staring at you and whining softly, then using your face as a headrest.
  2. Try to sleep in and fail due to persistent doggie interference (see: headrest).
  3. Get up and dressed in clean but not too clean clothes.
  4. Decide laundry may be in order.
  5. Call friends with dog and invite over for breakfast.
  6. Do a few handy dishes until friends arrive.
  7. Watch dogs as they act like they haven't seen each other in years.
  8. Make migas.
  9. Watch dogs watching you eating migas.
  10. Go to the dog park as a group, being sure to bring the holy Throwing Stick and the sacred (yet filthy) Squeaky Tennis Ball.
  11. Throw ball until you are tired--because the dog never will be.
  12. Come home and do dishes from last night's meal.
  13. Strip bed and start laundry.
  14. Knit.
  15. Invite friend (who you haven't seen in three weeks and you usually see at least twice a week, occasionally wondering if she actually lives with you--but in a nice way) over for dinner and afternoon hanging out.
  16. Talk on the phone with mom.
  17. Move laundry to dryer.
  18. Greet friend as she arrives.
  19. Commence snacking.
  20. Do snack dishes.
  21. Watch The Two Towers extended edition, disc one, skipping only one Frodo & Sam section (the Black Gate).
  22. Knit.
  23. Use the between-discs break to go grocery shopping, do more dishes, and put dinner in the oven.
  24. Watch the moon rise
  25. Watch The Two Towers extended edition, disc two, until the beginning of battle at Helm's Deep.
  26. Serve dinner and eat: Coq au vin with Big House Red, goat cheese mashed potatoes, and peas with a little butter.
  27. Watch The Two Towers extended edition, disc two, through the fan club credits while discussing sock patterns for friend's Dream In Color Smooshy in Punky Fuschia.
  28. Drive friend home with the dog as company.
  29. Tidy living room, putting dishes in the kitchen.
  30. Die a little inside as you realize you'll have to put dishes away before you can do any more.
  31. Shower instead.
  32. Put flannel sheets on the bed. (Yay fall!)
  33. Lie on bed, letting back spasm until it stops and the muscles are relaxed.
  34. Decide not to do more dishes.
  35. Realize laundry is still in the dryer and may not be dry.
  36. Use "dog asleep on my feet" as a justification for not getting off the bed and checking laundry.
  37. Post meme to blog and go to sleep.

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