Friday, October 16, 2009

Texas, in bite-sized portions

Foodie update!  Last night's dinner came from Guadalajara, one of Bastrop's nicest Mexican restaurants.  I had the steak fajitas (with guacamole!) to accompany beans, rice, and copious quantities of fresh chips and salsa.  Mr. Janssen's burrito came with [chili con] queso, which he gladly forked over in exchange for a bite of steak.  Mmmm, queso.  Breakfast this morning is homemade pumpkin pancakes with Greek yogurt and pineapple juice.  I love visiting Mom!

The trip down was easy.  I think that Alaska's new direct flight from SEA to AUS may be the easiest flight I've ever taken, in fact.  The plane was mostly full but not packed, in-flight service was pleasant, and boarding and exiting the aircraft was a breeze.  I even got to knit during takeoff and landing. (Note to @FreezeRae: I took the picture with my phone set to Flight mode, so no interference with equipment.  Perfectly legal and safe.)

Emma, my parents' new dog, and I have bonded.  She loves being loved.  She is silent as the grave and has a piercing blue-eyed stare.  She snuggles.  She is a good dog.

I set up the Wii last night and gave my folks a demo using Lego Indiana Jones.  (I do so love Lego Sean Connery.)  Making a Mr. Janssen Mii was fun, and it includes the gray handlebar mustache and Klingon hairdo.  Can't wait to see them test Wii Sports and their new Wii Fit, and to kick Mr. J's ass at Mario Kart.

Today Mom and I are off to the outlet mall at Round Rock (Le Creuset! Eddie Bauer! Gap!) and then "dunch", dinner/lunch, at The Salt Lick.  Mmmm, barbeque and beer...

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