Friday, October 02, 2009

Tag Team

There is no internet at my house.  No cable either.  Hasn't been since Tuesday. Withdrawl is severe at this point, because I'm missing my TV Husband and I can't catch up on Hulu.

 I know in the grand scheme of the universe this isn't a real problem.  Not having potable water, safe shelter, or edible food?  That is a real problem.  A star going supernova to wipe out all life in the surrounding system?  That's a problem.  Lack of internet at my house for three days when I could just walk to the nearest internet cafe or go to Mike's house or even just read a book?  Minor inconvenience.

My cable/internet provider's reaction to the issue is what bugs me.  This non-Comcast craptastic company insists that our lack of cable/internet is an isolated incident and that their computers don't show an outage in our area.  What "Megan" at customer service said, however, was that there had been a large outage on Tuesday, but that it had been repaired and that our house's connection should be back on.  The fact that we're not isn't considered a part of the priority outage--we're just S.O.L. that their repairs didn't work for us and now have to wait over a week for one of the repair guys to show up (between one and four in the afternoon) and try to fix it.  Nine days, to be exact, because our house gets put in the queue along with any other maintenance and installation visits.

So Justin from upstairs and I are lucha libre freedom fighters in the wrestling ring of customer service, tag-teaming the non-Comcast craptastic company via phone calls to their 800 number.  I called yesterday and again today, as did he, and we cited one another's outages as enough evidence to warrant priority treatment.  I actually spoke to the same rep both times, "Megan", which makes me worried that the company is not only craptastic and not Comcast, but that they have all of four employees and could go under any day given the sheisty economy.  Results of our two-man frontal assault so far: a possible jump up the service queue to next Tuesday, as opposed to next Friday, and prorated charges for all the days of our outage.

I wonder what our wrestling names would be if we were a real tag team duo?  I want the purple and red spandex tights, Justin can wear grey on black.

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