Thursday, May 15, 2008

Is that warmth I feel?

I am wearing a short-sleeved shirt and it is good--55 degrees today already. Expected high tomorrow is 70. And there is much talk of sunshine and 80's on Saturday. Bullsh*t on all that, I say! I'll believe it when I am roasted alive in my jeans and polarfleece.

LYS Tour this weekend. I am determined to visit all 24 shops and win the raffle. $500 worth of knitting goodness would be very extra fabulous. And the gas cost will suck, but the possibility of a driver tan + winning yarn = too tempting to resist.

Spending today at work wishing I was somewhere else. Definitely not the best work week. The boss is out of the office and I have no mojo for the work I'm doing. I think I'm bored with the job. If I had no debt I would actually walk away and find a cafe job to tide me over for a while--ridiculous, I know, but being a barrista is fun with little to no real responsibility--and then figure out what the next step would be. Would love to go help my cousin with Flying Kites or sign up for the Peace Corps, but not a possibility right now. Sigh.

Done with the whining now. Party in nine days!

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Jacki said...

Good luck on the yarn shop tour! That sounds like a ton of fun - so jealous! :)