Monday, January 14, 2008

Debt and stash reduction: week three

Mom sent me this great article this morning, which may as well have been written by a more honest me: Fighting credit-card debt? Avoid these 10 mistakes. Read it!

Last week on The Budget: Yours truly did not fare so well. A haircut ($40), with round-trip ferry to Bainbridge with a car ($23.10, VISA gift card, thanks Mom), as well as a new calendar for home ($14.10--full price! But it is the Sierra Club wall calendar, and I got it at U-Bookstore) meant that I spent $77.20 not in the budget anywhere at all. I also bought lunch twice (gulp): $5 cash on Thursday with Charlotte, and $11.40 (VISA gift card, thanks Mom) on Friday with Amy. Grocery fared pretty well: $9.42 at TJ's, total. It helped that Amy & Sheldon had me over for dinner on Monday night, and Patrick & Santos had me over for dinner on Tuesday night. And then I had leftover soup with Cassie on Thursday.

(Don't ask about Wednesday. I read a lot that night instead of eating or interacting with humanity. It was a tough week).

Total money spent last week: $103.02. Not including the Starbuck's--I used the gift card that Jill got me for Christmas on that (Thanks Jill!).

However, as far as not buying yarn goes, I was AMAZING. I visited Weaving Works twice, and I also hit Churchmouse when I was on the island--and it took a lot of self-control not to grab a skein of STR heavyweight or some of that lovely Camelspin in colorway Origin...Yeah. But resist I did. I bought nothing. That's right, not even a pattern or needles. So props to me for that little bit of strength.

And I have now (mostly) beaten Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga for Wii. I unlocked Indiana Jones, and I can't wait for the new game!

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