Saturday, November 24, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy T-day, a couple days late. We've been without wifi at home and so no posts have been possible, despite having ample time and interest in posting--can't exactly go to a cafe on Thanksgiving. I spent most of the day after T-day recovering and playing Guitar Hero III at Patrick and Santos' place--even though they are in AZ with Patrick's familia. Nivia finally broke down and got an Xbox, and we spent a few happy hours trying to be rock gods after she tended to Blanche the cat. Mostly I sucked, even on bass, and got booed off the stage, but it's a fun game with great music (when is the last time you rocked out to Sunshine of Your Love and Evenflow on the same day?).

Today Charlotte, Cassie, Adrienne and I are at Cafe Vivace catching up on the Interwebs.
Here are some pie pics, courtesy of Charlotte's mad pie skillz:

Pecan oatmeal on the top, cranberry walnut on the bottom. The pumpkin was amazing--but no pics. Just eating. :) Paul brought Bifrรถst clone homebrew which was muy tasty. My turkey was the best bird ever: brined, massaged, and butter/herb/smoked salt rubbed, the recipe is available on request.
Attendees: Margaret and Paul from upstairs, Rob (Margaret's bf), David (Charlotte's bf), Cassie, Nivia, Adrienne, Charlotte, Jill & Chris, Sheldon & Amy, and me. Everyone ate too much and in general had a fabulous time.

Highlight of my day, though, was the e-card I got from my Auntie Les. I woke up thinking about her and wishing she (and mes cousins, natch) could be with us for T-day. Lo and behold, an e-card was waiting in my inbox (this was before the wifi died)--with a dancing singing yam. Made me happy and teary and wishing I had international minutes so I could call.

Oh, and I have been knitting like a fiend. Problem is it's all Christmas knitting for people who read this blog, so I can't share details or post pics. I promise that I'll post pics after Xmas.

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