Sunday, October 28, 2007

Crafty Sunday

Status update
Eating: Trader Joe's Mexicaine Quiche
Drinking: Gordon Biersch Märzen
Watching: Mythbusters
Knitting: Alpaca Hat

I spent today crafting and watching movies. The fall weather was beautiful! The electric orange leaves on the trees contrasted nicely with the clear blue sky, and it was not very cold. Yay for the brief break in typical Seattle fall weather. I was grateful that I got to walk to the nearby Safeway (not once but twice!) for Kool-Aid. I dyed a sweater that my roommate Cassie gifted me when she cleaned out her closet not too long ago. Originally the sweater was a not-so-pale baby blue. Not a bad color, but it definitely did not flatter me.

In the sink: two shots of the sweater in it's pre-dye bath (I forgot to snap a shot prior to dunking it).

In the pot: two shots of the sweater in the dye bath.

Waiting for the sweater to dry now to see how it really turned out--so far the color looks pretty good. Will post photos tomorrow.

We had a bit of a shindig at our house last night. Great turnout and lots of good food consumed (two baguettes, two cheese wedges, one bag cheesy poofs, one giant bag of tortilla chips and salsa, a large container of Trader Joe's Mediterranean hummus, 24 devil's food cupcakes, 1.75 loaves of zucchini bread, and,of course, beer...I am actually having the only beer left in the house right now). I woke up this morning and had to face the dishes, which is always the sucktastic part of any party, but housemate Charlotte (A.K.A. Stellaaaaaaaaaa!) kindly assisted. Poor Cassie had to work today.

After dishes it was all about tackling the Netflix pile. Land of the Dead rocked. Not only did the film have anti-Bush commentary with zombies, Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright cameos, and loads of well-executed special effects shots, but it was just plain well-written. Good story, well-sketched characters, and a not completely depressing ending means that it earned three stars (out of four) from me.

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Anonymous said...

Incredible red tree! Red and yellow leaves against blue skies - that and woodsmoke smells are the things i love about fall in Seattle. Oh yes and coffee for me...pumpkin ale for you.