Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Car repairs...sigh

A little while back I noticed that my brakes were shrieking--not loudly, but persistently.
Now my car is housed at Superior Auto Service in Ballard. They got killer reviews on Yelp. And they need to replace the front brake pads, front tires, clean the left rear brake drum, clean and repair the left rear axle and ball bearings, etc. of my little Kia. My baby car needs much love.

Anyone care to guess the grand total? Prize to whoever comes within $50 (Dad, you can't guess as I've already told you) TBD...


Erin said...

I guess $850... poor Pepe.

Bob Cumbow said...

Well, your inclusion of the word "etc." in your description makes it a little hard to pin down the work, and thus hard to guess the price ... but I'm going with $1200.